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Damage Policy

By signing the contract, the Customer authorises the Rental Firm to debit the credit card presented with the sums corresponding to any damage found on the vehicle to be returned, as well as the associated costs of handling any administrative procedures relating to the damage found. In particular, the management of the procedures related to the damages will involve the charging of an administrative fee of € 60.00 including VAT. All easily identifiable damages are managed by means of our Damage Tables (divided into categories), developed and regularly updated by nationally registered adjusters. These tables provide a quick and convenient way of managing claims by showing the average cost of repairing the most common types of minor damage, based on the amounts charged by body shops and garages for parts and labour. The amounts in these tables are exclusive of VAT and do not include the administrative costs mentioned above.

Mini Damage list
• Mini
• Mini Elite

Medium Damage list
• Compact
• Compact SUV
• Compact Elite
• Economy
• Economy Elite

Maxi Damage list
• Intermediate
• Intermediate SUV
• Intermediate Wagon/Estate
• Standard Passenger Van
• Premium Passenger Van

Vehicle Inspection
When the vehicle is collected for hire (check out), the Customer will be able to view any pre-existing damage on the relevant Vehicle Condition Report. We encourage the customer to check this carefully and to report any discrepancies found to our operators before leaving the station with the vehicle. At the time of return (check-in) we will check the vehicle again and provide the customer with a check-in form indicating any new damage not caused by normal wear and tear. Normal wear and tear is defined as normal wear and tear from reasonable use of the vehicle (e.g. minor scratches and chips, micro-damage and normal wear and tear on rims and wiper blades). We recommend that you consult our Damage Tables for further details. Our staff will take 15 to 30 minutes to inspect the vehicle and agree with the customer on any damage found. If the customer is unable to wait for the check-in time, the survey will be carried out in their absence.

Hidden damage
At check-in, some damage may not be immediately apparent, such as damage to inaccessible components of the vehicle (engine, fuel tank, clutch, etc.) or damage not visible due to poor light/weather conditions. If such damage is discovered after check-in, we will provide the customer with all documentation proving what has been found before charging for it.

Concealed damage
Any hidden or mechanical damage discovered after the vehicle has been taken over will be reported immediately upon discovery (even beyond the 3 canonical working days if necessary).

Technical stop
In the event that the vehicle needs to be repaired, we reserve the right to send the customer a regular repair invoice that includes the item "Days of technical downtime", i.e. the number of days the vehicle is not used for the time required to carry out the repairs and/or to find spare parts.

Detection and damage assessment
The discovery phase is characterised by the following 3 most common scenarios:

1) Damage agreed with the customer at the time of redelivery.
For obvious damage agreed and accepted by the client at check-in, an amount equal to that indicated in the damage tables will be charged and included in the final invoice.

2) Damage not agreed due to the absence of the Customer.
If the customer is not present at check-in because he/she is unable to wait for the check-in time or for the return of the vehicle, our staff will inspect the vehicle and if they find obvious damage, they will assess the amount to be charged according to the damage tables. In such a case, the customer will be notified by e-mail or traditional mail before the actual charge and billing. The notification will be sent within 3 working days of the return/collection of the vehicle and will include documentation proving the damage.

3) Major damage.
If the damage is major and not included in the damage tables, we will ask for an assessment to be carried out by a nationally registered assessor or a specialist garage. Within 3 working days of the return/acceptance of the vehicle, a communication will be sent to the customer by e-mail or by post with a certified technical estimate on body shop lists and templates, indicating the damage and its cost.

The Customer has 5 working days from the date of our cost notification to dispute the amount of the damage. In all cases, our notification of costs will include all the documents proving the existence of the newly discovered damage. Any claims may be submitted to our Customer Service Department.


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