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Olbia Airport

Olbia Airport

Via dei Panettieri, 9
07026 Olbia (SS)
+39 371 3970229
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Cagliari Airport

Cagliari Airport

Via Terenzio Congiu, 5
09030 Elmas (CA)
+39 371 3972910
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Rental Offices

Rental Offices

Our offices are easy to get to from the airport and are only a few minutes away from the Maritime Station.

Free shuttle service

Free shuttle service

To request a free transfer, please call the number of the car rental office where you have made your reservation.

Booking a vehicle

Booking a vehicle

How to book a vehicle?

Following the appropriate links on this website you will be guided to a complete reservation.

What type of payment is required for booking?

Payment can be made using a Mastercard or Visa credit, debit or prepaid card.

Am I allowed to choose a specific vehicle model?

At the time of booking you are allowed to choose the vehicle category while the model will depend on the availability at the time of delivery.

Requirements rental

Requirements rental

What documents do I need to be able to rent a car?

Upon delivery of the vehicle the renter and all authorized drivers must present a valid, unexpired and original driver’s licence together with a valid identity card or passport. To rent a car the drivers must be 19 years and having held a driver’s licence for at least one year.

Can I book a vehicle for someone else?

Yes, it’s possible but the driver will have to comply with all the requirements listed above. For this reason, you will be asked to enter the details of the driver during the booking process. Also remember that although you can book and pay for a car on behalf of others, when picking up the car the driver will have to present a credit card in his name for the security deposit.

My driver license has been stolen or lost?

If your most recent driving licence has been lost or stolen but is still valid, you have to report it to the police. You need to obtain a replacement driver's license before renting your vehicle that proves you're still able to drive and you haven't been disqualified from driving.

What are the age limits for renting a vehicle?

All authorized drivers must be over the age of 19. For the driving of people under 25 years of age and people over 75 years of age, access to the rental is allowed with the application of a daily supplement "Young Driver" and "Senior Driver" in relation to certain categories of vehicles, identified according to the age groups of the drivers.

Credit cards and payments

Credit cards and payments

What is the security deposit and how does it work?

The security deposit is required as a guarantee because the renter is granting the customer the use of a valuable asset. For this purpose, the rental company will, as a precaution, block a sum of money from the credit card (only the credit card is accepted for this transaction) name of the owner of the rental contract that will be released entirely after checking the condition of the car (if no damage is found).

Will I need a credit card to rent a vehicle?

Yes, when collecting a vehicle the holder of the contract must provide a credit card in his/her name as guarantee for the rental.

What types of credit card are permitted as guarantee for the rental?

At the time of the rental the holder of the contract must be at the desk and show a credit card Visa or MasterCard with his/her name and surname on the front. No types of Prepaid cards, Debit Cards, Revolving, Postepay, Visa Electron, V Pay, Pagobancomat, Viabuy, PayPal cards, or cards with the logo “Electron” or the wording “Electron Use Only” and cards from the “Cirrus/Maestro” circuit are permitted as a guarantee. The security deposit can only be provided with a credit card. The balance available on the card must be sufficient to cover the vehicle excess, any extra charges or deposits required as guarantee for the rental.

When will the security deposit be released?

Our systems will release the security deposit shortly after the closing of the rental contract. Nevertheless, sums that are released might not be immediately available on your bank statement. We are able to release the funds but unfortunately we have no control over the actual time required for these to be credited on your account as this depends on the credit card companies and interbank circuits At certain times of the year it could take between 7 and 30 days from the time sums are released until these appear on your bank statement. If you have queries or questions and your rental is already finished, we suggest you contact your bank to ask for information or assistance.

Excess and types of coverage

Excess and types of coverage

What type of insurance coverage do the rented vehicles have?

All our vehicles are covered by R.C.A. in accordance with the laws in force, which guarantees the insurance coverage of Civil Liability towards third parties. The CDW service concerns any damage found at the end of the rental. Any charge for such damages, as a penalty, is calculated respecting a maximum amount (also called Damage Deductible) which varies according to the category of vehicle rented. Any charge for theft, as a penalty, is likewise calculated taking into account a fixed amount (also called Theft Deductible) which varies according to the category of vehicle rented.

I have already taken out my own insurance policy against damage or theft. Can I use this for my rental?

If you have taken out your own insurance policy with another company, this will only be valid between you and the respective insurance provider. It will not affect your liability towards us in the event of the theft of or damage to your rental vehicle. Therefore your liability to Vettura will be governed by the General Conditions of Rental and any type of protection you may have purchased.

Pickup and Dropoff

Pickup and Dropoff

What do I need to do if my flight/train/ship is delayed?

In case of delay, if you have correctly indicated the flight/train/ship reference, the booked car will be kept available free of charge until the closing time of the rental station. Should the delay continue beyond the closing time of our office, the reservation will be active for a maximum of 2 hours and no later than 01:00. Beyond this threshold, the "Out of Hours" service will result in the cost specified in our Price List (€ 70 including VAT from 22:00 to 24.00 and € 140 including VAT from 24:00 to 01.00). In case of delay and lack of references to monitor your arrival, the booked car will be kept available free of charge up to 2 hours after the indicated time in the booking, therefore we invite you to contact our rental office as soon as possible.

What happens if there is pre-existing damage to the vehicle?

Our vehicles are normally new and in excellent condition. In any case, if a vehicle does happen to have pre-existing minor damage, this will be reported in our Check-Out form, which is an integral part of the rental contract. The Check-Out form will be shown to you when you collect a vehicle and you will be asked to sign it for acceptance. In this way, you can be sure this damage is not be attributed to you when you return the vehicle.

Can I return the vehicle when a rental office is closed?

Yes, you can return the rented car even when the office is closed. To return a car in self-service mode, the “Key-Box” service is available free of charge. Just leave the keys in our safe after parking your car near the rental office. Remember that the customer is held responsible for safeguarding the vehicle until the rental office is reopened. As an alternative to the Key-Box service, it is still possible to return the car during the hours when the office is closed through our paid "Out of Hours" service.

How are damages identified, quantified and charged?

In the event of new damage found on the car at the time of delivery, our staff will provide you with all the details on the extent and value of the damage found. The most common damages are highlighted in our "Damage Tables", which are periodically updated by professionals in the sector. In these cases, you will therefore have the opportunity to pay any extra costs for damage at the same time as the vehicle is returned.

During the rental

During the rental

What do you have to do in the event of an accident with another vehicle?

In the event of an accident we recommend that you first contact the police so they analyze the situation and check to see who is at fault. If this is not possible, you will have to complete the CAI Accident Statement form you will find in the vehicle. You will then need to send an electronic copy of the CAI form to the rental office as soon as possible and deliver the hard copy when you return the vehicle. If the car is not running, contact our Roadside Assistance on the toll-free number 800 290 911 and follow the operator's instructions.

What do I have to do if the vehicle is damaged in an accident not involving another vehicle?

In the event of an accident not involving another vehicle, you must inform our staff when you return the vehicle so that they can assess the extent of the damage and, where possible, the corresponding cost. For more details see our webpage dedicated to damage management. If the car is not running, contact our Roadside Assistance on the toll-free number 800 290 911 and follow the operator's instructions.

How can I extend my rental or notify you of a late return?

To extend your rental or notify us of a late return you can contact our rental office. Rental fees are on a daily basis so if a variation results in an extra day, you may be required to make an additional payment when you return the vehicle.


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